Inside/Outside Self-Discovery for Teens
Inside/Outside Self-Discovery for Teens

Inside/Outside Self-Discovery for Teens

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Table of Contents

1st Letter to Parents: Program Introduction
   1. Why Self-Awareness Matters
   2. Looking at Myself from the Inside Out
   3. Owning, Accepting, and Managing Feelings
   4. Sharing Ourselves through Our Inside/Outside Boxes
   5. Negative Self-Talk: Thoughts That Undermine Our Self-Esteem
   6. Plus Stress, Minus Stress
   7. Don't Take It Personally
   8. Fairly Comparing
   9. Media Awareness
   10. Put Ups: Affirmations of Others
   11. Practicing Self-Affirmations and Learning about Positive Self-Talk
   12. Helpful Not Hurtful Communication
   13. Resolving Conflict: Keeping Friends and Keeping Peace
   14. Our Contract with Ourselves, Each Other, and Our Community
Warm-Up Activities
Appendix A Additional Parent Letters
Appendix B First Parent Meeting
Appendix C Second Parent Meeting
Appendix D Relationship Matters: Additional Activities to Promote Friendship and Prevent Bullying
Appendix E Strengthening Positive Body Image
Appendix F Ideas for Activities to Celebrate Community: Quilt-Making and Reunion Parties
Appendix G Meeting with Faculty
Appendix H Warning Signs for Eating Disorders and How You Can Help
Appendix I Warning Signs for Depression and How You Can Help
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